We are experts in jewelry repair, reconditioning and appraisals

Jewelry Repair

Paul Bensel Jewelers has four expert jewelers on staff, enabling us to service virtually all of our clients’ jewelry repair needs without the items ever leaving the premises. Our four jewelers have a combined 65 years of hands-on experience amongst them, giving them the knowledge to masterfully handle even the most difficult jewelry repairs.

Here are some of our most common jewelry repairs:

  1. Ring Sizing
  2. Retipping worn out prongs and rebuilding worn out channels
  3. Replacing worn out setting heads
  4. Replacing/resetting missing diamonds
  5. Soldering/welding broken chains and bracelets
  6. Fixing/replacing broken or worn out clasps

If you have had repair work done on your jewelry from other jewelers previously that you are unhappy with, bring it in and we are certain that we can clean up the mistreatment your jewelry underwent. It is common that Paul Bensel Jewelers fixes the repair work of other shops, and we are more than happy to help.

Jewelry Reconditioning

Paul Bensel Jewelers takes tremendous pride in rebuilding and reconditioning jewelry items to like-new status. We have been providing full reconditioning services for many years. Our jewelers and jewelry experts are outstanding at evaluating jewelry items to determine exactly what needs to be done and understanding the most efficient and effective way to go about reconditioning the jewelry items to like-new or, in many cases, better than new.

Here are some common types of full reconditioning that Paul Bensel Jewelers performs:

  1. Heirloom jewelry that has been passed down: In many cases this is jewelry that has been loved very much and worn by multiple generations. In order for the item to continue to be worn regularly, it is common that the piece needs to be structurally reinforced to ensure that it stays in one piece and holds all of the stones securely.
  2. Jewelry that will soon be passed on to the next generation: This is very similar to the first example, except in this case the current owner is doing the needed work before passing it on so that the inheritor will not need to worry about the safety of the stones or the integrity of the item.
  3. Used jewelry purchase from an estate dealer, private party or pawn shop: We frequently do reconditioning work to items that were purchased second hand. We believe that even if an item is not brand new, if you are the new owner then it should function like a new ring. For second hand pieces it is common that setting heads, prongs, shanks, etc. need to be replaced or reconditioned in order for the item to maintain structural integrity.

If you have an item that you have recently inherited, purchased, or are considering handing down to someone and would like to know what, if anything, needs to be done to make the item like new, bring it in to Paul Bensel Jewelers and we will be more than happy to do a free structural evaluation of the item. If anything does need to be done, we will get you an estimate within a few moments.


Paul Bensel Jewelers has multiple GIA educated jewelry, gemstone and diamond professionals on staff. These industry professionals have the ability to identify, evaluate, and value jewelry items, diamonds and loose gemstones. At Paul Bensel Jewelers, we offer multiple types of appraisals, with varying degrees of detail, so that you have options when it comes to having your jewelry items appraised. Most of our appraisals include full legal documentation and stunning photography of the appraised jewelry item. And, of course, we do all of our jewelry appraisals on site.

Here are the most common reasons people have Paul Bensel Jewelers appraise their jewelry items:

  1. Insurance purposes
  2. Estate planning
  3. Estate distribution
  4. Private party sales

If you have an item that you are considering having appraised but are unsure of whether or not it is worth appraising, Paul Bensel Jewelers will do a complimentary verbal appraisal of your jewelry item.

Cash Offers For Jewelry, Precious Metals And Loose Stones

Paul Bensel Jewelers will make cash offers on virtually anything of value when it comes to jewelry, precious metals, diamonds and gemstones. Whether you are a private individual who wants to sell your jewelry or you have an estate that needs to be settled, Paul Bensel Jewelers can, at the very least, tell you what the cash market is offering on the items that you have.

Here are some of the most common items that Paul Bensel Jewelers purchases:

  1. Fine jewelry
  2. Loose diamonds
  3. Loose gemstones
  4. Gold, silver and platinum coins and bullion

If you have items that you are considering selling but aren’t sure if you really want to Paul Bensel Jewelers will look at your items, give you approximate cash values and answer any of your questions that you may have about your jewelry items.